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Donations help fund our expenses, such as website hosting fees, room rentals, photocopying, publicity for town meeting including banners, postcards and social media promotion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flock a Friend

Flock A Friend:
If you would like to specify the next victim, all we ask is a small donation of $30.00. The flamingos will mysteriously arrive on your friend’s lawn after dark and will roost there until the next evening when they will migrate to another friend’s (victim’s) lawn.

Solve The Mystery:
To find out who flocked you we do charge an additional fee of $15.00. Worth every penny!!

Get The Flock Out Of Here:
To simply remove the flock and be done with this silliness a small donation ($5) would be appreciated but not required.

Please contact Tara Sanda at or 617.970.1433.

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