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eHop Board 10/28
Tara Sanda, Amanda Fargiano, Nanda Barker-Hook, Amy Ritterbusch, Cindy Bernardo, Mary Pawela & Kristy Willadsen

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eHop Board of Directors:

Amy Ritterbusch
, 54 Grove Street, Hopkinton MA 01748, President, Website Content Writer, Social Media, News Analyst, Webmaster,, 508.625.1264

Tara Sanda
, 4 Equestrian Drive, Hopkinton MA 01748, Vice-President, Fundraising/Flocking Coordinator,, 508.497.2522

Nanda Barker-Hook, 75 Grove St, Hopkinton MA 01748, Secretary,, 508.435.0233

Cindy Bernardo
, 5 Susan Drive, Hopkinton MA 01748, Treasurer, “Know Your Vote” / Forum Planner,, 508.497.9458

Mary Pawela, 5 Teresa Road, Hopkinton MA 01748, Board Member,, 508.497.2429

Amanda Fargiano, 17 Tammer Lane, Hopkinton MA 01748, Board Member,, 508.435.3825

Kristy Willadsen, 10 Cobblers Way, Hopkinton MA 01748, Board Member,, 508.435.7779

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