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Board of Selectmen, Town Committee Openings and Road Closure Updates

After the May Town Election, the Board of Selectmen reorganized as they do every year. Ben Palleiko was elected Chair and John Mosher was elected Vice-Chair. Congratulations to them both from the Educate Hopkinton board! Town Hall also has two new faces this month. Continue reading Board of Selectmen, Town Committee Openings and Road Closure Updates

New: Subscribe to Town Emails, Traffic Updates and More

Have you checked out the new Town of Hopkinton website Thanks to Chris McClure, the town’s new IT Director, town government information is now a lot more accessible. You can subscribe by email to meeting agendas, traffic/road closure updates, police log, youth commission announcements and more This is extremely helpful if you need to know when the roads around Legacy Farms are open or closed. You can also follow various town departments on Twitter You can even subscribe to the official government meetings calendar using any ical compliant calendar program, such as Google Calendar and Apple iCalendar: Be sure to check it out. Thank you Chris McClure for making this possible!

Downtown Initiative Design and Construction Project

Hopkinton’s Downtown Initiative Steering Committee (DISC) continues to work with Beta Group on the downtown design. Hopkinton residents voted in 2010 to fund the design process ($400,000) with the construction to be funded by a state roadway construction grant of approximately $4,000,000. The initial design was presented to the public for their feedback at two presentations in November. The DISC committee also made a presentation to the Selectmen in December. No final decisions have been made at this point and feedback from residents is welcomed. If you have questions or comments about the project, please contact Hopkinton’s Facilities Coordinator/Town Engineer, David Daltorio at
508-497-9738 or

Items included in the state grant are:

  • Rehabilitate Pavement
  • Upgrade Storm Drainage Facilities
  • Reconstruct and Improve Sidewalks
  • Reset / Install New Curbing
  • Provide ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramps / Access
  • Traffic Signal Upgrades
  • Possible New Signal(s)
  • Streetscape Enhancements
  • Landscaping/Plantings
  • Reduce Crosswalk Lengths & Improve Markings

Related Items NOT included in the state grant (The Town of Hopkinton may opt to go forward with and fund some of these items its own):

  • Upgrade Water Main on Main St
  • Possible Undergrounding of Utilities ($2.6 million from Cedar St to Ash St OR $6.6 million from Wood St to Ash St)
  • Possible Period Lighting
  • Coordination with Legacy Farms’ Improvements

Hot Button Topics (see images and news articles below):

  • 135/85 Intersection – Whether or not to straighten the intersection at Rt 135 and Rt 85, which would involve taking some of Colella’s Supermarket’s land.
  • Main St/Wood St Intersection – Whether or not to increase the turn angle for vehicles headed Eastbound on Main St and turning left on Wood St (Rt 135), which would involve relocating or tearing down the house at 2 West Main St.
  • Cost – Although burying the power lines would be aesthetically pleasing and would give more flexibility in designing the sidewalks and lanes, it would be expensive and not covered by the state grant. The cost estimate is $2.6 million from Cedar St to Ash St OR $6.6 million from Wood St to Ash St.

Documents and Images of the Design for your Reference:

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Volunteer Openings on Hopkinton Town Committees

Many of the daily activities of Hopkinton town government are conducted by full time paid professionals. However, unpaid volunteers are vital to staff town committees and commissions that help establish policies and priorities, administer by-laws, and conduct various activities. For questions about these positions, please email Read more:

Current Vacancies:
Appropriation Committee – Four Members
Cable Advisory Committee – One Associate Member
Capital Improvement Committee – One Member
Downtown Revitalization Committee – Three At Large Members
Historical Commission – One At Large Member
Historical District Commission – One Member (Greater Boston Real Estate Board)
Hopkinton Cultural Council – One Member (maximum of 26 members, presently 6 members)
Hopkinton Affordable Housing Trust Board – Four Members
Hopkinton Housing Authority – One with a term to the 2012 Annual Town Election
Hopkinton Tax Relief Committee – One At Large Member
Housing Committee – Three Members
Permanent Building Committee – One Member
Youth Commission – Two At Large Members

Town Budget Updates and Volunteer Openings on Town Committees

FY12 Budget Message

At their meeting on November 9, 2010, the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen voted on the 2011-12 Budget Message. All town departments, boards and committee heads were asked to abide by the following message in preparing their preliminary budgets for the Town Manager:

1. Level fund all FY12 operational expenses at FY11 levels.
2. Identify and include all incremental contractual labor costs.
3. Identify new mission critical and strategic initiatives, using the list developed by the Department Heads.
4. Continue to identify additional efficient operations, revenue enhancement opportunities and cost containment measures.

All preliminary FY12 budget requests are due to the Town Manager by December 30, 2010 and operational budget reviews will also begin on this date.

Your Dollars at Work – from the May 3, 2010 Annual Town Meeting

Article 20: Traffic Beacon: Main Street/Church Street – $15,000

Volunteer Opportunities on Town Committees

The following volunteer positions are currently available on various Hopkinton committees. Please consider volunteering your valuable time to continue to make our town a great place to live. For more information on any of these positions, please email

· Appropriation Committee: one (1)

· Cable Committee: four (4)

· Capital Improvement Committee: one (1)

· Conservation Commission: one (1)

· Downtown Revitalization Committee: one (1) at large and one (1) Chamber of Commerce member

· Historical District Commission: one (1) (Greater Boston Real Estate Board)

· Housing Committee: three (3)

· Sustainable Green Committee: four (4) at large member

· Youth Commission: one (1) at large member