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Public Hearing on School Budget Thursday 1/7


On Thursday, January 7, the School Committee will hold a public hearing on the FY17 School Budget. The meeting begins at 7:00pm in the Middle School Library, public comments are scheduled near the beginning and again near the end of the meeting, about 8:45pm. Barring technical difficulties, you may also watch the meeting on HCAM-TV (Comcast 8 / Verizon 30 / Streaming Click here to view the meeting agenda.

Give Input Before the Vote:

The committee is scheduled to vote on the Superintendent’s budget recommendation this week, so if you have questions, comments or concerns, you should voice them ahead of time or come to the meeting in person to voice them there. Email both the School Committee and the Superintendent at the following addresses:


Budget Documents Already Presented:

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Massachusetts Unemployment Rate Holds at 6.9 Percent

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Hopkinton Compared to Districts that are Similar Based on Grade Configuration, District Wealth and Enrollment

Educate Hopkinton has compiled a chart of district comparison data for your reference, which we have recently posted to our website. School districts that are similar to Hopkinton include: Belmont, Burlington, Canton, Duxbury, Holliston, Marblehead, Medfield, Scituate, Sharon, Westborough and Westwood. While Hopkinton is very similar to these towns, one statistic that stood out was that 23% of Hopkinton’s population is children enrolled in the public schools, in many similar towns a much smaller percentage of the population was enrolled in the schools, this may be because they have more residents without school-age children or may be because more children in those towns attend private schools. Only Medfield had a higher percentage with 24% of its population enrolled in the public schools.

Hopkinton Unemployment Remains Low and Continues to Drop

The State recently announced unemployment figures for August 2011. Unemployment rates for Hopkinton continue to remain low compared to statewide and national averages, dropping to just 4.6% for August 2011. Unemployment in Milford, where a casino has been proposed, is also lower than the state average at 5.7% for August 2011. Most towns surrounding Milford also have unemployment rates lower than the state average, ranging from 4.6% to 6%, with only Bellingham having a high unemployment rate at 9.5%. Bellingham is on the opposite side of Milford from the proposed casino, which would be nestled between Route 85 and Route 16 on the Hopkinton/Holliston side of Milford. Click for a Google Map of the casino site.

Unemployment Rates at a Glance

Hopkinton Milford State National
Aug 2011 4.6% 5.7% 7% 9.1%
2010 6.4% 7.9% 8.5% 9.6%
2009 6.1% 7.9% 8.2% 9.3%
2008 3.9% 5.1% 5.3% 5.8%
2007 3.2% 4.3% 4.5% 4.6%

Sources Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) 
& US Dept of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Important School Update: State of the Schools Forum, Per Pupil Spending, School Choice and more

School Facts: How have budget cuts over recent years impacted Hopkinton Schools?

Per Pupil Spending
Hopkinton spends 11.5% less in per pupil than the state average (that’s approximately $1,503 less), based on FY09 data on the Massachusetts Department of Education website. In FY06, Hopkinton was only 5.9% under the state average. Hopkinton also spends less per pupil than most neighboring towns, including Ashland, Holliston, Northboro-Southboro and Westborough. In addition Hopkinton spends less per pupil than most towns with similar structure and district wealth, such as Belmont, Burlington, Canton, Nashoba and Sharon.

School Choice & Charter Schools
Did you know that for the 2009-10 School Year, Hopkinton sent 41 students out of district via the Massachusetts School Choice Program and/or to Charter Schools at a mandated cost of $235,371 to Hopkinton taxpayers? More Hopkinton families opted to send their children out of district this year than families in Holliston, Southborough and Westborough. The number of Hopkinton students opting to go out of district via School Choice has been steadily increasing since the 2005-06 school year.

Class Sizes
Class sizes in the elementary grades are currently higher than most surrounding school districts. Did you know that both Elmwood School and Hopkins School currently have empty classrooms? If another teacher was added at each school class sizes could be significantly reduced.

Foreign Language
Did you know that Hopkinton Public Schools do not offer any foreign language instruction until grade 7? It used to be offered as early as grade 5. Most neighboring school districts offer foreign language earlier than Hopkinton, some offering it as early as Kindergarten.

State of the Schools Forum

Wednesday, April 7 at 7:00-9:00 p.m.
HCAM-TV, 77 Main Street, Lower Level
Question and answer session with Superintendent Dr. Jack Phelan and School Committee Vice Chair Rebecca Robak. Call 508-435-7887 during the show with your questions and concerns or email them to in advance or during the show. Space is Limited! Click here to RSVP. Or watch at home on Comcast Channel 8/Verizon Channel 30.

The Next Steps in the Budget Process:
The budget has been given to the Appropriations Committee who are in the process of reviewing the budget in detail. The Appropriations Committee will hold a Public Hearing on the budget on Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall in the 1st Floor Conference Room. This hearing is NOT televised, but is open to the public. Residents will vote on the budget and the financial warrant articles at the annual Town Meeting, which begins Monday, May 3 at 7:00pm.