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Article #8 – Fruit Street Indoor Recreational Facility

Article 8 - Fruit Street Indoor Athletic Facility

The Parks and Recreation Commission sponsored Article 8 of the Special Town Meeting to appropriate $500,000 to build an indoor practice and recreation facility on the Fruit street Athletic Field Complex.  If passed, the athletic facility will be connected to the pavillion which was already approved for construction funding at the May Annual Town Meeting.  While the pavilion will include rest rooms, concessions, and storage space, the indoor indoor practice facility was intended as stage two of the project, and was scrapped from the May meeting because of some unclear wording in the text of the original draft warrant. Additionally, the phase one part of the project used money from the Community Preservation Act, which an indoor practice facility could not. 

According to Parks and Recreation Director, Jay Guelfi,  “Our feeling is that building the entire structure at once will be more economically and operationally efficient.”  Parks and Recreation has been working with an engineering firm for the plans for the front half of the building that was already approved, but they hope if this article passes at Special Town Meeting, that they will be able to construct the entire facility at once.  They would reportedly save the town money by avoiding having to set up a construction area twice if they can build it in its entirety now.   

The facility is expected to serve the needs of in-town sports teams at a low cost and be available for private youth sports groups such as private club softball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse groups to rent, which could generate significant revenue to sustain and fully maintain the building and facilities.  Parks and Rec also plans to use the proposed facility to start some new town programs such as volleyball and wrestling. 

Like the proposed new school, this building will be funded by a debt exclusion and will require both a 2/3 vote at the October 26 Special Town Meeting and a simple majority vote at the November 9 Special Election.  Because of the massive difference in cost between this and the proposed new school, this project would have a much smaller taxpayer impact per $500,000 of assessed property value. 

Photo Gallery of the Other Special Town Meeting Articles

For your visual reference, here’s a photo gallery of other articles coming up at Special Town Meeting on October 26:

List of Special Town Meeting Articles with Details & Links

Special Town Meeting October 26, 2015

Hopkinton Special Town Meeting
Monday, October 26 at 7:00-11:00pm
High School Athletic Center – New Location!
Read the Special Town Meeting Warrant
There are 11 articles to vote on in the warrant. We expect Special Town Meeting will only last one evening and may finish before 11:00pm.


As usual Educate Hopkinton will be live tweeting from Special Town Meeting to let you know the results of each vote as it happens. Follow us @educate01748.

  1. School Building Project  – $43 million
  2. Oliver Lane Retaining Wall – $320,000
  3. Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Year – Free Cash*
  4. FY 2016 Supplemental Appropriations – Free Cash*
  5. Transfer to General Stabilization Fund ≈ $300,000 – Free Cash*
  6. Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund ≈ $411,118  – Free Cash*
  7. Pay-As-You-Go Capital Expenses – Free Cash*
    1. Purchase Portable Radios – Police Chief – $49,500
    2. Replace Police Cruisers – Police Chief –  $78,000
    3. Replace Cardiac Monitor – Fire Chief – $28,099
    4. Purchase Public Safety Dispatch Equipment – Town Manager –  $16,250
    5. Upgrade to Roadway Light System to Energy Efficient LED Lighting – DPW – $175,000
    6. Cleanup Snow Dump located off Cedar Street  – DPW – $140,000
    7. Purchase Loader Mounted Snow Blower – DPW – $115,000
    8. Procure Sewer System Capacity and Business Analysis  – DPW – $140,000
    9. Fruit Street Aquifer Analysis – DPW – $75,000
    10. Install Test Wells at Whitehall Property – DPW – $35,000
    11. Construct Elmwood Farm Parking Area  – Town Manager – $40,000
    12. Construct Expansion to Police Department Parking Lot  – Town Manager – $75,000
  8. Fruit Street Indoor Recreational Facility/Athletic Center -Construction $500,000
  9. Vehicle Purchase – Assessors Department
  10. Vendor Contract for Personal Property Services – Assessors Department – No Action is expected to be taken on this article
  11. Zoning Map Change – 79, 81, 83 Hayden Rowe Street – Property Owner’s Petition

*FREE CASH – The State had not yet certified Hopkinton’s “Free Cash” amount by the May 2015 Annual Town Meeting, so these articles were held until now. Free Cash may be certified in time for the fall Town Meeting.

Rezoning 79, 81 and 83 Hayden Rowe – Planning Board Hearing 10/19

Article 11 at Special Town Meeting on October 26 is a Property Owner’s Petition to change the zoning of 79, 81 and 83 Hayden Rowe Street from Residence A to Business. This will require a 2/3rds majority vote at Town Meeting. As required by law the Planning Board  will hold a public hearing on a proposed change on Monday, October 19 at 7:30 P.M at the Town Hall. The subject matter of the proposed amendment is below. For more information please contact the town Land Use Department.

“Change the zoning district of approximately 3.04 acres of land on Hayden Rowe from Residence A (RA) to Business (B). The zoning change would apply to 79 Hayden Rowe (Assessors Map U19 Map 174 Lot 0), 81 Hayden Rowe (Assessors Map U19 Block 175 Lot 0) and 83 Hayden Rowe (Assessors Map U19 Block 175 Lot 2).”

Continue reading Rezoning 79, 81 and 83 Hayden Rowe – Planning Board Hearing 10/19

Save the Dates – Special Town Meeting & Election

ESBC Presentation to BOS 7-29-15 Ext SE

Special Town Meeting:

Monday, October 26 @ 7:00pm
High School Athletic Center
Read the Warrant – 11 Questions

Stay tuned for more information on Special Town Meeting in the next eHop blog…

Special Town Election:

Monday, November 9 – Polls Open 7:00am – 9:00pm
Middle School Brown Gym
Read the Ballot – 2 Ballot Questions

School Building Project Community Info Sessions:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7 p.m. at the Middle School Library
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21, 4:30 to ­ 6:30 p.m. at Water Fresh Farm (office hours)
  • Check for more information.