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Three Elementary School Planning Community Conversations This Week – Please Attend One

Hopkinton Elementary School Planning 
Join the School Committee for an Essential Community Conversation 

The School Committee will be a hosting a conversation with the community regarding planning for our elementary schools. To maximize attendance and participation, three dates will be offered and the format and topics will be the same at each event. Attending one of these meetings will empower residents to participate in developing the next proposal to address the challenges that exist across our school facilities. Please make time to join us at one of these three important events:

  • Wednesday, November 2, 10 am – 12 pm; Faith Community Church, Room 213 
  • Wednesday, November 2, 7 pm – 9 pm; High School Cafeteria 
  • Saturday, November 5, 2 pm – 4 pm; High School Cafeteria 

There will be a short recap of the process to date as well as background information provided. The majority of the meeting will be spent in small group discussion focused on evaluation of potential building projects and solutions.

Data collected from these conversations will be shared with the community, and will also be used in the development a community wide survey regarding our elementary schools. The survey will be designed for all Hopkinton voters to participate in.

Recent Notes on Center School and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)

Although no decision has been made yet, the town may decide to submit a new Statement of Interest (SOI) to the MSBA. The MSBA is accepting FY12 SOI’s from now through January 11, 2012. Some brief info about MSBA SOI’s:

  • An SOI should be building specific, that is, only one school building can be the subject of an SOI. For example we cannot submit a single SOI for BOTH Center School and Elmwood School. “Districts should submit one SOI per school for each school they believe requires a project with the MBSA. Where applicable, the district can express interest in multiple accelerated repair projects at one school (generally projects for the repair and/or replacement of windows, roofs, boilers, and/or a Science Lab Initiative project). All districts that submit multiple SOIs will be required to select one SOI as its ‘district priority SOI’ for consideration and due diligence efforts by the MSBA.” 
  • An SOI cannot propose a specific solution to the problem. The solution will be arrived at after collaborating with the MSBA on the most appropriate educational and cost effective solution. For example we cannot tell the MSBA that the ONLY solution we want is to renovate/rebuild at the Center School site (or any other specific site). The SOI should just state the problem(s), not the solution. 
  • The Superintendent must be authorized by both the School Committee and Board of Selectmen before filing an SOI. 
  • If Hopkinton submits an SOI and the MSBA approves it, the taxpayers would be asked to fund a new feasibility study at a future town meeting. It is unknown yet if this would be at the May 2012 Annual Town Meeting or at another date. 
  • More information from the MSBA about the current SOI process and 
  • Read the SOI submitted for Center School in 2007 (one of several SOI’s submitted by Hopkinton in July 2007) at This SOI was approved unanimously by the Selectmen (Muriel Kramer, Mary Pratt, Michael Shepard, Brian Herr and Matt Zettek) with a vote of 5 to 0. This SOI was also approved unanimously by the School Committee. The School Committee identified the Center School as its priority SOI per a directive from the MSBA in August 2007. 
  • Read about what five final options (from the original 13 options) were evaluated in detail during the Center School Feasibility Study, their estimated costs and why they were ruled out as not being preferred options.

Updates on Center School Maintenance and Repairs in the Meantime

HVAC System 
Over the summer the steam traps in the oldest cast iron radiators at Center School were cleaned at a cost of $8,000 to make them more efficient and not overheat. According to Al Rogers, Hopkinton Public Schools Director of Buildings & Grounds “The last time we did steam trap maintenance was 2004. They recommend 3-5 years.” This should ameliorate, but not permanently solve, the problem of some classrooms being too hot in the winter. In addition sometime in the middle of the last school year some components of the unit ventilators were sent out to be rebuilt. It took several months to complete, because the unit ventilators are so old and hard to find parts for. This should ameliorate, but not permanently solve, the problem of some classrooms being too cold in the winter. A Request for Proposals (RFP) has recently gone out seeking a designer to do a study of existing conditions of the complete HVAC system at Center School to determine alternatives (with price construction timeline estimates) available for repair, upgrade, and/or replacement of the HVAC system. For any project over $100K, the state bid law requires a designer or engineer. Read the full RFP at

Gym Floor Buckled from Water Damage 
As many parents saw at the Kindergarten and First Grade Open Houses this month, the Center School Gym floor suffered some water damage during Hurricane Irene. Read this article from the Crier for more details: Hopkinton works to salvage flood-damaged school gym floor

Center School Window Replacement Cost May Go Over the State Limit and Require Full ADA Compliance 
A study of the existing window conditions at both Center and Elmwood School was done in 2005 by Gale Associates. At that time, it was estimated that the cost to replace the Center School windows would be $787,000. Read the full study at According to Ralph Dumas, HPS Director of Finance, at the September 30 School Committee meeting the fair cash value of Center School is approximately $2.7 million. According to the regulations of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, if the renovation work amounts to 30% or more of the building’s fair cash value, the ENTIRE building is required to be accessible. Right now only portions of the Center School building are accessible. Thirty percent of Center School’s value is $810,000. If both the HVAC System and Windows are replaced, it is very likely to cost over $810,000 and therefore require full ADA compliance. (Even if the work is done in phases the total cost of such work in any 36 month period shall be added together as per MAAB rules.) To be fully accessible, all Center School bathrooms would need to to have at least one accessible toilet and sink and all of the building’s floors would need to be accessible by elevator. Currently the 3rd floor (in the oldest part of the building) is not accessible by elevator and there is not room to install one without eliminating or shrinking rooms currently in use. Read more about Massachusetts Architectural Access Board regulations at Read the Cubellis Report 2007 ADA Survey of Center School: (Some of the smaller non-compliance items noted in the Cubellis Report have already been taken of since this report was issued in 2007.)

Capital Asset Assessment Reports 
The School Committee had previously commissioned Capital Asset Assessment Reports from Habeeb and Associates Architects in 2000 and again in 2006. The School Committee is considering refreshing these reports at an estimated cost of $12,000 to both refresh the reports of schools already studied and to add a study for the High School, which had not previously been assessed because it was so new.
2000 Capital Asset Assessment for Center, Elmwood School and Middle School (at the time this building was both the HS and MS)
2006 Capital Asset Assessment for Hopkins, Elmwood and Middle School

Elmwood School Roof Weathers Hurricane Irene Without a Leak

As reported by Al Rogers, Hopkinton Public Schools Director of Buildings & Grounds, at the September 1, 2011 School Committee Meeting, Elmwood School’s roof has had no leaks since the ice dams melted at the end of last winter. Said Rogers, “At the height of the hurricane and in the wind and rain, I was at Elmwood in that section of the building and it was dry.” When asked if it could happen again, Rogers said “That’s not to say that we couldn’t have another ice dam, but in the 12 years I’ve worked here we’ve never had a leak in that section.” Listen to the full conversation on HCAM.
According to the 2006 Habeeb Report, the Elmwood School roof was last replaced in 1989, and the report estimated the cost to replace the roof at $731,025. The Elmwood roof replacement was classed by Habeeb as a priority level II. Many other priority I and II repairs, such as the Middle School Brown Gym wall, recommended in the report have already been completed. Read the 2006 Habeeb Capital Assessment report on Hopkins, Elmwood and the Middle School at

Unofficial Results – May 17, 2010 Town Election

2279 ballots were cast today, out of 9578 registered voters, a turnout of 23.8%.
Winners are highlighted in yellow below.

SELECTMEN – For three years – Vote for TWO
544 Blank

894 Todd S. Holbrook Republican Caucus Nominee 894
1243 Benjamin L. Palleiko Republican Caucus Nominee

999 John M. Mosher

876 Joseph E. Nealon 

TOWN MODERATOR – For three years – Vote for ONE
668 Blank
1572 Bruce G. Karlin, Candidate for Re-election, Democratic Caucus Nominee
TOWN CLERK – For three years –  Vote for ONE
 519 Blank
1751 Ann M. Click, Candidate for Re-election, Democratic Caucus Nominee
BOARD OF ASSESSORS – For three years – Vote for ONE
739 Blanks
1537 Mary Jo LaFreniere, Democratic Caucus Nominee
BOARD OF HEALTH – For three years – Vote for ONE
273 Blank
681 Margo R. Roman, Democratic Caucus Nominee
1324 Vincent J. Lawler
CEMETERY COMMISSIONER – For three years – Vote for ONE
697 Blank
1574 Lynn M. Fournier, Candidate for Re-election
COMMISSIONER OF TRUST FUND – For three years – Vote for ONE
786 Blank
1488 Maureen K. Bumiller, Democratic Caucus Nominee
CONSTABLES – For three years – Vote for THREE
3733 Blank
1603 Patrick K. O’Brien, Candidate for Re-election, Democratic Caucus Nominee
1410 Don S. Creswell, Sr. Candidate for Re-election
46 Patrick Mahon  Write-In
1440 Blank
822 Kevin G. Kohrt, Candidate for Re-election, Democratic Caucus Nominee
1176 Ronald M. Clark, Republican Caucus Nominee
808 Nancy J. Peters, Democratic Caucus Nominee
1248 F. Eric Sonnett, Republican Caucus Nominee
1322 Kenneth R. Weismantel, Republican Caucus Nominee
HOUSING AUTHORITY – For five years – Vote for ONE
851 Blank
600 Patricia A. Kuehne
827 Marilyn K. Stearman
672 Blank
1602 Patrick J. Mahon, Candidate for Re-election, Republican Caucus Nominee
PLANNING BOARD – For five years – Vote for TWO
822 Blank
930 Sandra King Altamura, Candidate for Re-election, Democratic Caucus Nominee
1401 John M. Coutinho, Republican Caucus Nominee
1397 Deborah A. Thomas, Republican Caucus Nominee
PLANNING BOARD – For unexpired term – 2014 – Vote for ONE
354 Blank
1232 Richard A. MacDonald, Republican Caucus Nominee
692 Francis J. D’Urso
SCHOOL COMMITTEE – For three years – Vote for ONE
737 Blank
1534 Rebecca L. Robak, Candidate for Re-election
Question 1:
Shall the Town of Hopkinton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to pay for the repair, maintenance, renovation and improvement of the boiler and heating system at the Elmwood Elementary School, located at 14 Elm Street in Hopkinton, Massachusetts?
Blank 80   Yes 1633   No 566
[Note from Educate Hopkinton: This article #27 passed unanimously at Town Meeting on May 3, 2010.]
Question 2:
Shall the Town of Hopkinton be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to pay for the design of traffic, roadway and streetscape enhancements in the downtown area of the Town?
Blank 73   Yes 1444   No 762
[Note from Educate Hopkinton: This article #18 passed by clear 2/3 majority at Town Meeting on May 3, 2010.]