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Milford Casino Defeated


On November 19, 57% of Milford’s registered voters turned out at the polls. The proposed Foxwoods-backed Crossroads Casino was voted down by a nearly 2-to-1 margin with 3,480 votes in favor and 6,361 opposed. Remaining contenders for the East region casino license are Wynn Resorts in Everett and a new project, a potential Revere-only Suffolk Downs project backed by Mohegan Sun. Read more on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission website.

Milford Casino: Impacts on Water Supply and Area Schools


Casino Water Impact Update

In a press release last week, Selectman Brian Herr of the MetroWest Anti-Casino Coalition released an independent study of the water supply and demand related to the proposed Foxwoods Casino in Milford. The results are profoundly damning.  Kleinfelder, a global authority in water engineering, found in its report that the existing water supply from the Milford Water Company (MWC) is marginally adequate to meet the average daily water demand of Milford residents and the proposed casino, and that existing MWC sources are incapable of meeting future demands. The worst part:  the study warns that Foxwoods’ consultants used non-industry standard methodologies to assess water demand. Read the Press Release.

Casino Impact on Schools

Milford Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay spoke with a number of superintendents in school systems surrounding the Connecticut  casinos.  Bob concluded the following: “High student turnover, increased free and reduced school lunch eligibility, increased drop-out rates and added demands for specialized instructional services seem to be a common theme in every study that I reviewed,”  Tremblay wrote in his report. Tremblay added another concern, “A school district’s capacity to keep up with population growth is important to the quality of education that students receive. Lack of buildings means overcrowded classrooms and overcrowded classrooms are simply not conducive to quality learning.”[1]

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Milford Casino Vote Scheduled for November 19

Keep Milford Casino-FreeMilford Selectmen voted 2-1 to accept a Host Community Agreement with Foxwoods to build a casino. A referendum vote has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 19. Only residents of Milford will be allowed to vote in the referendum. Hopkinton and Holliston residents, no matter how close they live to the proposed casino site, will NOT be able to vote.

If you would like to make a donation to Casino-Free Milford to fund ads, mailers and other campaign materials, please go to

Recent News Articles:

Casino-Free Milford Call to Action

Wednesday, September 18, 7:00 p.m.
St. Mary’s Parish Center
17 Winter Street (Main entrance on Sumner Street), Milford
featuring State Representative John Fernandes
and Former Connecticut Congressman Robert Steele

Milford Casino Update

Casi-NOA lot has happened over the summer regarding the proposed Milford Casino and things are now moving very quickly. On August 5 Milford Selectmen voted 2-1 to begin negotiations with Foxwoods on a Host Community Agreement for the proposed Casino. Click here to view the draft agreement. Once an agreement is reached, a town-wide referendum will be scheduled within 60-90 days, likely late October or early November. Only residents of Milford will be allowed to vote in the referendum, but please read the following 15 Ways You Can Keep Milford Casino-Free to see how you can help.

Casino Update

Keep Milford Casino-FreeAt the June 17 Milford Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Casino-Free Milford Co-Chairmen John Seaver and Steve Trettel presented a rebuttal document to the Selectmen that evaluates the information presented by Foxwoods executives on June 3rd regarding their proposal to build a destination resort casino here in Milford. The rebuttal identifies misleading facts, inconsistencies, and omissions in the Foxwoods casino project presentation, as well as recommendations to the Board regarding how to proceed in conducting the impact studies and negotiating the host community agreement, if the process should reach that point. To read the rebuttal, click here. Continue reading Casino Update

Milford Casino Update

standout-tons-of-signsTonight, June 3 at 7:00pm, Foxwoods will be presenting detailed plans to the Milford Board of Selectmen in a public meeting held in the Milford High School Auditorium. Residents and friends opposed to the casino are invited to wear red shirts in solidarity and to hold signs in front of the high school before the meeting starting as early as 4:00pm.

Foxwoods Massachusetts Updates:

Casino-Free Milford Updates:

  • Selectmen from four towns (Hopkinton, Holliston, Medway and Ashland) have formed a coalition aimed at launching an organized, well-financed fight against plans for a resort casino in neighboring Milford. Chairman of the coalition is Hopkinton’s Brian Herr. All four towns approved funds at their respective town meetings to be used for expenses related to the potential siting of a casino in Milford.
  • Casi-No! yard signs are available for $6 at Fiske’s General Store (776 Washington St, Holliston MA 01746).
  • Casino-Free Milford website
  • Casino-Free Milford Facebook page The page has 472 “likes.”
  • The petition to Keep Milford Casino-Free has 2,158 signatures to date

Town Meeting Results Day 1

Article 1: Acceptance of Town Reports PASSED

Article 2: FY 2013 Supplemental Appropriations PASSED
Article 3: FY 2013 Budget Transfers NO ACTION
Article 4: Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years PASSED
Article 5: Property Tax Exemption Increase PASSED

Article 6: Amend the Salary of an Elected Official PASSED
Article 7: FY 2014 Operating Budget PASSED

  • AMENDMENT from Ken Weismantel: Increase pavement management by $100,000 FAILED
  • AMENDMENT from Jim Cirello: Hold Highway Dept line item 421 $130,000 until after article 62. PASSED

Article 8: FY 2014 Revolving Funds PASSED
Article 9: Chapter 90 Highway Funds PASSED
Article 10: Opposition to Casino Siting PASSED

  • AMENDMENT by Wendy Zimmerman to change “opposing” to “connection with” PASSED

Article 11: Transfer to Capital Expense Stabilization Fund PASSED
Article 12: Transfer to General Stabilization Fund NO ACTION
Article 13: Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund PASSED
Article 14: Authorization of Term of Transportation Contract PASSED

Article 15: Pay-As-You-Go Capital Expenses NO ACTION
Article 16: Integrated Financial Management System PASSED
Article 17: Elementary School Feasibility Study PASSED
Article 18: Joint Information Technology PASSED
Article 19: Emergency Generator-Hopkins School PASSED
Article 20: Middle School Auditorium Upgrades NO ACTION
Article 21: Loop Road Repair PASSED
Article 22: Building & Grounds Equipment- Tractor-Mower PASSED
Article 23: Police Station Drainage and Basement Improvements PASSED
Article 24: Police-Vehicles PASSED

When a Casino Wants to Come to Town: What every resident and public official should know

Keep Milford Casino-FreePlease join Casino-Free Milford for a very informative evening. Presented by Stephanie Crimmins, Founder, No Foxboro Casino and Ginny Coppola, Foxboro Selectwoman.

When a Casino Wants to Come to Town: What every resident and public official should know
Thursday, March 14 at 7:00pm

Adams Middle School, 323 Woodland St, Holliston, MA

Stephanie Crimmins started the No Foxboro Casino movement in Foxboro. She was instrumental in defeating the casino proposal in Foxboro. Ginny Coppola is a selectwoman for the town of Foxboro and she has experience as a State Representative. Both would like to present the information that they have learned as a result of hard work and perseverance.

For more information or to volunteer to help oppose the casino, please visit: