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Library Moving to South Street During Renovation

2015-05-15 Library HDC Certificate of Appropriatness Application Exhibit 2a

According to an article in the Metrowest Daily News “The Planning Board gave its OK to the town’s $11.8 million library renovation and expansion project Monday night, after debating landscaping and a $16,000 per year deal for the town to use part of the St. John the Evangelist Church’s parking lot.” Read more in the Metrowest Daily News…

According to an article in the Hopkinton Crier, the Chairman of the Permanent Building Committee, Dan “McIntyre said the library will shut down for about two weeks [eHop has been told that the library will actually be closed for about one month] next month as it moves into a temporary home at 63-65 South St. The town rented the 3,000-square-foot space after the building committee put out three bid requests. The building is home to a number of businesses, including The Playhouse Preschool. The building will also store library equipment and collections not being used or displayed. “We should be set up before the holidays,” he said.” Read more in the Hopkinton Crier…

On Friday, October 23, over 300 “Hoptoberfest” partygoers filled St. John’s Parish Hall, raising over $30,000 for the Library renovation and expansion project set to break ground in early 2016. Hopkinton Public Library Foundation’s Third Annual Hoptoberfest, a fun night out to celebrate the fall and enjoy all things local, helped Library fundraising top $700,000. In addition, a number of guests joined the 1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library, adding their names to the 1000 Homes plaque to be hung in the new Library.

Founded in 2011, Hopkinton Public Library Foundation, Inc. (HPLF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission to raise private funds to support the state-of-the-art restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library. HPLF has raised over $700,000 for the Library project. HPLF appreciates the Hopkinton community’s tremendous response, and asks for the community’s continued support. Gifts in any amount are welcome and appreciated, and are tax-deductible. For more information about how to build with us through 1000 Homes for Hopkinton Library, and the restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Library, please visit the HPLF website and the HPLF Facebook page.

Residents’ CVS Appeal Fails – Marty’s Liquor License Transfer Hearing

At their October 14 meeting, the Board of Appeals voted 5-0 to deny the residents’ appeal and to uphold the building inspector’s ruling that CVS Pharmacy is a retail use, which is permitted in the Downtown Business District.

Transfer of Colella’s Liquor License

Coming up this week, the Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall, to consider a transfer of liquor license application from Colella’s Supermarket, Inc. (d/b/a Colella’s) to Siegal and Sons Investments (d/b/a Marty’s) for a section 15 all alcohol package license to be consumed off the premises at 61 Main Street. The Selectmen’s meeting begins at 6:30pm and the liquor license hearing is scheduled for approximately 7:30pm. Continue reading Residents’ CVS Appeal Fails – Marty’s Liquor License Transfer Hearing

Former Colella’s Update – CVS Pharmacy & Marty’s Liquors

CVS Pharmacy Update – Board of Appeals 10/14

The CVS story will continue at the next Board of Appeals meeting on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00pm in room 215 of Town Hall. To recap the events of this summer and fall, a group of residents has filed an appeal to revoke the building permit issued to allow interior renovation of the former Colella’s building. The group of residents claims that CVS is a “health services facility,” which is not permitted in the Downtown Business District. The town building inspector who issued the building permit claims that CVS is a retail store. Both retail stores and medical offices are permitted in the Downtown Business District. The definition of “Health Services Facility” was added to the zoning bylaws in 2012. “Health Services Facilities” are permitted in the Rural Business, Industrial A, Industrial B, Professional Office and Office Park Business Districts. Hopkinton Drug was already in existence prior to the 2012 zoning change, so if it were also considered a “Health Service Facility,” it would be grandfathered into the prior zoning. None of the residents appealing the CVS building permit are abutters, so there was much discussion about whether the appellants had “standing” at the first part of the hearing on October 7.  Two abutters, Dennis Katz and Jason Mahon have asked to be added to the appeal after the original deadline.

Marty’s Liquors Update – Board of Selectmen 10/20

The Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall, to consider a transfer of liquor license application from Colella’s Supermarket, Inc. (d/b/a Colella’s) to Siegal and Sons Investments (d/b/a Marty’s) for a section 15 all alcohol package license to be consumed off the premises at 61 Main Street.

The Massachusetts Liquor Control Act places a quota or limit on the number of alcoholic beverages licenses a city or town can issue. The quota is based on the population of the community as determined by the most recent federal census.  Each city or town may issue one off-premises (Section 15) all-alcoholic beverages license for each unit of 5,000 persons (or fraction thereof) with a minimum of 2. One wine and malt license may be granted for each unit of 5,000 persons (or fraction thereof) with a minimum of 5.

CVS Plans to Open in Former Colella’s – Selectmen Meeting 6/23


At their meeting tonight, the Board of Selectmen will give an update on future town steps regarding CVS permitting and entertain any public questions on the permitting process. The CVS agenda item is scheduled for approximately 8:10pm, and they have allotted 30 minutes for discussion on this topic.

According to a letter from the chairman of the Board of Selectmen “our ability to prevent legal businesses from coming to Town is tightly constrained, particularly when those businesses fit within existing zoning and require no special permitting or other approval from the Town. There is no option to hold a Special Town Meeting, pass a bylaw or take similar actions to prohibit entry of CVS. This event is strictly a private transaction between the seller, the new owner and CVS. For that reason, the best way to make your opinions known is through continued outreach to CVS and the owner, whose actions will be determined by their financial analysis of the opportunity. The Board of Selectmen and other committees will continue to pay close attention as this transition occurs and will, as always, take whatever actions we can to protect the Town’s interests. To the extent there is any required interaction with the Town, the Board of Selectmen and other Town committees will be diligent in their review and any hearing will allow substantial time for public input.”

It is eHop’s understanding that any exterior signage changes at Colella’s/CVS will be reviewed by Hopkinton’s Design Review Board. Design Review is a 5-member advisory board appointed by the Planning Board. For further reading:

Hopkinton has several different zoning districts. The former Colella’s building is zoned “DB – Downtown Business.” It is NOT part of the Center Historic District. The following uses are permitted by right in Downtown Business:

  • A. Bed-and-breakfast establishments and inns with a maximum of 12 guest rooms.
  • B. Retail stores and retail service shops.
  • C. Business or professional offices, medical offices and banks.
  • D. Municipal uses.
  • E. Funeral homes and mortuaries.
  • F. Restaurants where all patrons are seated and no live entertainment is provided.
  • G. Mixed use buildings comprised of retail space on the first floor, and office space or residential dwelling units on the second and third floors. The residential dwelling units shall have dedicated onsite parking spaces. No dwelling unit shall have less than 600 gross square feet.
  • H. Accessory uses.

Although it is eHop’s understanding that a drive-thru is NOT being requested at this time, in the Downtown Business District a drive-thru pharmacy would require a Special Permit, which would require a Public Hearing. “Drive-in, drive-through, or drive-up uses, but excluding the dispensing of food or drink, provided that: 1) an adequate dedicated area for at least four vehicles to queue shall be provided on the premises, 2) notification of the public hearing for such special permit shall be mailed to the owners of all properties within 1,000 feet of the premises, and 3) The Planning Board shall grant the Special Permit only if it finds that the proposed use will not be detrimental to the surrounding neighborhood. The Planning Board and not the Board of Appeals shall be the Special Permit Granting Authority for such uses. [Amended 5-6-2013 ATM, Art. 51]”

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PBC Announces Refinement of Library Design

Hopkinton Public Library Foundation press release:

library_march2015_1Since the May 2014 Town Meeting and Town Election, when residents approved funding for the Library building project, Hopkinton’s Permanent Building Committee (PBC) has been hard at work refining the plans for the restoration, renovation and expansion of Hopkinton Public Library.

Based on feedback from members of the community before and after Town Meeting, as well as extensive discussions with the immediate neighbors of the Library, the PBC has been working diligently with Johnson Roberts Architects to refine the design of the Library to address three primary concerns: (1) reducing the “bulk” of the proposed expansion; (2) preserving the interior space of the former church; and (3) increasing the distance between the Library expansion and the neighboring property lines. Johnson Roberts has done a remarkable job addressing these concerns, while at the same time maintaining a functional, historically sensitive, and beautiful design.

library_march2015_2To reduce the “footprint” of the building, the revised design reduces the square footage of the first two floors of the building (what is visible above ground) from about 22,000 square feet to about 17,000 square feet. A lower basement level with usable space has been added to the new design (with light wells for natural light) in order to provide the necessary Library space incorporated in the original plans.

The revised design keeps both the original Library and the former church building intact (including both the ceiling and roof structures) and eliminates the originally proposed addition of a second floor to the church. To accentuate the stone and granite of the original buildings, a new glass connector will link the original Library and the former church.

library_march2015_3Finally, at the request of the immediate neighbors of the Library, the expanded portion of the Library has been reduced in size and scale by lowering the roof lines by about four feet, as well as reducing the footprint of the building on the site. In addition, the distance from the new building to the property line has been increased from 10 feet to 20 feet.

In continuing with the design development phase of the project, the PBC will work with appropriate local officials and boards, such as the Planning Board, Historic District Commission and Director of Inspectional Services, to ensure the project meets local requirements. Architectural drawings of the refined design and floor plans will become available in the Library and online in the coming weeks. The PBC wishes to thank the people of Hopkinton and the Library’s neighbors for their feedback over the past several months and looks forward to continuing this tremendous community collaboration so that Hopkinton residents may soon enjoy a beautiful and functional Library that benefits current and future residents of Hopkinton.

Library Foundation Update


It has been an incredible year for the library.  This October, the Hopkinton Library Foundation’s Hoptoberfest event brought in over $30,000 for the library project.

Also in late October, Hopkinton’s Town Manager signed the contract for the Library’s $4.5 million Construction Grant. Hopkinton is expected to receive the first installation ($900,000 of grant funds the restoration, renovation and expansion of our library.
Hopkinton’s Permanent Building Committee is diligently working on selecting an Owners Project Manager and will be retaining Johnson Roberts Associates as Architect.

Take the Town Visioning Survey

Gazebo, Town Common, Autumn
Excerpts taken from the town website:

The Hopkinton Visioning Steering Group was created by the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen to “help navigate a process to solicit input from Hopkinton citizens on what our community might look like ten years from now.”

“The group has created a survey which is an important tool designed to help create a vision for the future, and action steps to achieve that vision. ”

“The process will also include bringing together a diverse group of community residents to gather and evaluate local information, and based on that information along with the results of the survey develop the vision.”

Please take a moment to take the survey online here. Hard copies of the survey are also available at the Town Manager’s office. The results of the survey will be compiled and released later this fall.

Apply for a Spot on a Town Committee – Deadline 6/9


The Town of Hopkinton is encouraging all residents who are interested in helping govern Hopkinton to apply now to any board of committee. If you have been curious or interested in giving your time, expertise or perspective on behalf of your community, now is an excellent time to get involved!

Please visit the Town Website for a full listings of all Boards, Committees and Commissions. Each entity has a full membership listing, charge and a unique website link full of information and activities on relevant topics. Many board and committee memberships will expire very soon, so if you are interested in any committee now is the time to throw your hat in the ring!

In order to be considered for the annual June appointment cycle by the Selectmen, please apply no later than Monday, June 9.

We encourage all residents to also take note of a new committee, the Downtown Initiative Civic Advisory Group, that has been recently formed by the Selectmen. The Downtown Initiative Civic Advisory Group will host five (5) At-Large seats; please read linked committee charge for more information:

NEW! 2014 Downtown Initiative Civic Advisory Group

To apply for a any volunteer position on any Board or Committee, please visit the Town’s website and fill out the online volunteer form at: Interested parties may also visit the Board of Selectmen’s Office to fill out an application in person or call the office to have staff assist in applying.

For more information or questions about a Board or Committee, please visit the committee website and contact the respective Board or Committee Chairperson, or call Jamie Hellen, Operation’s Assistant to the Town Manager’s Office, at 508-497-9700 who can assist in any interested volunteer get in touch with a committee representative. Continue reading Apply for a Spot on a Town Committee – Deadline 6/9