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Town Election Update – 5 Contested Races

Town Election 2017 Word Cloud

Offices on the May 15 Ballot

Board of Assessors, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Lya Batlle-Rafferty, Democrat

Board of Assessors, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Lesley Ficarri, Democrat

Board of Health, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Elizabeth Whittemore, Democrat

Board of Health, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Michael King, Democrat

Board of Library Trustees, 3 Years, 2 Seats – Contested Race

  • Stanley D Pulnik, Unenrolled (incumbent)
  • June Harris, Republican (incumbent)
  • Margaret Wiggin, Democrat
  • Susan Kurys, Democrat

Board of Library Trustees, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Jessica King, Democrat

Board of Selectmen, 3 Years, 1 Seat- Contested Race

  • John M Coutinho, Republican (incumbent)
  • Amman Haidri, Democrat

Cemetery Commissioners, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Claire Wright, Republican (incumbent)

Commissioners of Trust Funds, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Muriel Kramer, Democrat

Constable, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Ed Millis, Democrat

Constable, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Francis J. D’Urso, Jr., Democrat

Hopkinton Housing Authority, 5 Years, 1 Seat

  • Rebeka Hoffman, Democrat

Parks and Recreation Commission, 3 Years, 2 Seats – Contested Race

  • Christina Anderson, Democrat
  • Laura Hanson, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Amy Markovich, Republican (incumbent)

Planning Board, 5 Years, 2 Seats – Contested Race

  • Amy Ritterbusch, Democrat
  • Gary Trendel, Republican
  • Kenneth Weismantel, Republican (incumbent)
  • Muriel Kramer, Democrat

Planning Board, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Kelly Karp, Democrat

Planning Board, 1 Year, 1 Seat – Contested Race

  • Irfan Nasrullah, Democrat
  • Al Rogers, Republican

School Committee, 3 Years, 2 Seats

  • Jennifer Devlin, Democrat
  • Meenakshi Bharath, Unenrolled

Attention Candidates:

Candidates are welcome to email a candidate statement or a link to their campaign website, which we will be happy to post to our website along with info about all the other candidates. Please send to

Commissioner of Trust Funds – Did You Know?

Comey Memorial Chapel at Evergreen Cemetery
Comey Memorial Chapel

The Commissioners of Trust Funds is a three-member three-year elected board that acts in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws. This group of elected members submits a written statement of the amount of payment and the date this payment was made to the town anytime an officer of the commonwealth makes a payment of public money to the treasurer of Hopkinton.

The Town of Hopkinton has five funds that are managed by The Commissioners of Trust Fund. The Charlies B. and Mary C. Homan Fund, in the amount of $1,500, to be used in beautifying and making the town attractive by setting out and caring for shade trees, especially on Main Street in the center of town.

The Comey Memorial Chapel Fund, in the amount of $1,000, for the care and maintenance of the Comey Memorial Chapel at Evergreen Cemetery in Woodville Hopkinton, MA. This fund requires specific and detailed conditions to be met and compiled.

The Mary A. Roche Fund, in the amount of $5,000, to be divided in June of each year to the 2 students in the graduating class of Elmwood Elementary School receiving the highest academic marks during the full school term leading up to their graduation. This is to be administered by the Hopkinton School Committee.

The Charles L. Claflin Trust Fund, in the amount of $1,000, to invest into the caring and maintenance of the Park in the center of town.

Lastly, The Bernard J. McGovern Trust, is to be used for the purchase of materials for the public library. These materials include books, videotapes, audiotapes, and music on compact disks, language tapes, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and subscriptions used to educate, enlighten and inform the citizens of the Town. The trust also wishes for this money to be used to arrange for programs, including lectures, films, exhibitions, trips and other events of interest to the town. Also, for the purchase of computer hardware and software, and membership passes to area museums and other attractions for its public library. Continue reading Commissioner of Trust Funds – Did You Know?