Town Meeting Results Day 2 (unofficial)

Town Meeting Results Day 2 (unofficial)

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  1. Sign Bylaw – The proposed changes were requested the Design Review Board. It has reviewed signs on second floors of buildings that from a design perspective do not contribute positively to the appearance of the Town’s commercial areas. It is the intent that prohibiting signs all the way up the walls of buildings will impose a design aesthetic that is consistent with how we want our commercial districts to look. PASSED


  1. Public Consumption of Tetrahydrocannabinol (marijuana / cannabis) PASSED
  2. Minutes of Public Bodies – PASSED, after an amendment by Connie Wright FAILED.
  3. Departmental Revolving Funds – This is a housekeeping article to establish existing revolving funds by incorporating them into the Town Bylaws. There are no new revolving funds being created in this article. This type of article would only be needed on future warrants if a revolving fund were added or removed by the Town. PASSED
  4. Posting of Warrant – PASSED
  5. Town Meeting Quorum – Citizen’s Petition – Amendment by Darlene Hayes to require a quorum of 1% at Town Meeting to vote both financial and non-financial articles PASSED. Article PASSED
  6. Alcohol Sales at Town Facilities – Amendment by Clifford Kistner to limit to beer & wine FAILED. Amendment by Kathleen Culler to expand bylaw to allow more than 3 events per year PASSED. Article PASSED
  7. Kennels PASSED
  8. Construction Waste or Debris Bylaw – Yes 78 No 48 PASSED
  9. Discharges to Storm Drain System – PASSED
  10. Driveway Standards – PASSED
  11. Unregistered Motor Vehicles – Yes 87 No 33 – PASSED


  1. Gift of Land – Hehn’s Farm Way – This article will allow the Town to accept the gift of 4.9 acres of open space created in the Hehn’s Farm subdivision. The land connects open space that the Town already owns and the Center School property. – PASSED
  2. Gift of Land – Box Mill Road – This article will allow the Town to accept the gift of 10.2 acres of land off Leonard St., where lots were recently created off an old paper street. The land is adjacent to the Middle School and the Upper Charles Trail. – PASSED
  3. Street Acceptances – PASSED
    • Cider Mill Road from Ash Street to Dead End
    • Cold Spring Brook Road from North Mill Street to Dead End
    • Cranberry Lane from South Mill Street to Dead End
    • Pinetree Lane from North Mill Street to Dead End
  4. Easement – 125 East Main Street – PASSED
  5. Fruit Street Property – Lease to Youth Organization – Map for Articles 55 & 56 – Amendment to extend lease to 50 years instead of 30 PASSED. Article PASSED.
  6. Fruit Street Property – Lease to Animal Shelter – Map for Articles 55 & 56 – Amendment to extend lease to 50 years instead of 30 PASSED. Article PASSED.


  1. Early Voting – Citizen’s Petition – Motion for No Action PASSED
  2. PILOT Agreement – MA Solar Highway Phase 1B LLC – PASSED
  3. PILOT Agreement – NRG DG Marathon LLC – PASSED
  4. Set local speed limits – 25 MPH – Motion for No Action PASSED
  5. Set local speed limits – Designated Safety Zones – PASSED
  6. Constables – to make the position of Constable an appointed, instead of elected, position to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Yes 36 No 66 FAILED
  7. Trustees of the School Trust Fund in the Town of Hopkinton. Courtney Mello PASSED

The meeting adjourned at 11:02 PM.

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