Town Election 2017 Word Cloud

Town Election Update – More Candidates Still Needed

Town Election 2017 Word Cloud

Considering running for local office, but don’t know where to begin?

To become a candidate a person must either obtain and submit nomination papers by securing the signatures of 50 Hopkinton registered voters by Monday, March 27; or a person may qualify by being the top vote-getter in one of the town political party caucuses.  The Democratic caucus is Friday, April 7 at 6:30pm in Town Hall. The date of the Republican Caucus is also Friday, April 7 in Town Hall. Nomination signature papers are available from the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall.

Offices on the May 15 Ballot

Board of Assessors, 3 Years, 1 Seat
Board of Assessors, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • No candidates yet

Board of Health, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Elizabeth Whittemore, Democrat

Board of Health, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • No candidate yet

Board of Library Trustees, 3 Years, 2 Seats

  • Stanley D Pulnik, Unenrolled (incumbent)
  • 2nd candidate needed

Board of Library Trustees, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Jessica King, Democrat

Board of Selectmen, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • John M Coutinho, Republican (incumbent)

Cemetery Commissioners, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • Claire Wright, Republican (incumbent)

Commissioners of Trust Funds, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • No candidates yet

Constable, 3 Years, 1 Seat
Constable, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • No candidates yet

Hopkinton Housing Authority, 5 Years, 1 Seat

  • No candidates yet

Parks and Recreation Commission, 3 Years, 2 Seats – Contested Race

  • Christina Anderson, Unenrolled
  • Laura Hanson, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Amy Markovich, Republican (incumbent)

Planning Board, 5 Years, 2 Seats

  • Amy Ritterbusch, Democrat
  • Kenneth Weismantel, Republican (incumbent)

Planning Board, 3 Years, 1 Seat

  • No candidates yet

Planning Board, 1 Year, 1 Seat

  • Irfan Nasrullah, Democrat

School Committee, 3 Years, 2 Seats

  • Jennifer Devlin, Democrat
  • Meenakshi Bharath, Unenrolled

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