Special Town Meeting Results Day 1 (unofficial)

Special Town Meeting Results Day 1 (unofficial)


Motion to defer action on article 2 (School Building Project) until 7:00 PM on day 2, Tuesday, January 31 – PASSED 107 – 42

Article 1: Periodic Charter Review: Report and Recommendations – DEFERRED

  • Amendment: June Harris of the Board of Library Trustees made a motion to amend Section 4-5c “Library Director – The Town Manager shall annually set goals for the Library Director with input from the Board of Library Trustees.” PASSED
  • Amendment: Carly Grant made a motion to add welcoming and inclusivity language to the preamble. “The Town of Hopkinton welcomes residents of all races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, gender identifications, and sexual orientations; the Town of Hopkinton, further, is committed to providing a climate of safety and acceptance to all residents. The Town of Hopkinton will actively address and resist acts of discrimination, bullying, or intimidation.” PASSED unanimously
  • Amendment: Christine Dietz made a motion to amend the proposed charter which would keep the Town Clerk elected, rather than appointed by the Board of Selectmen. PASSED
  • Amendment: Phil Cohen, a member of the Board of Health, made a motion to allow boards and committees with appointing authority to fix the compensation of their appointees. PASSED
  • Amendment: Frank D’Urso made a motion to make the Town Treasurer an elected position. – The Town Attorney needed time to draft the wording that would accomplish what Mr D’Urso intended. So a motion was made to defer voting on this amendment until Tuesday after article 2. DEFERRED This means that the final voting on the Town Charter will be delayed until Tuesday.
  • Amendment: Jim Ciriello made a motion to have provision in the charter to have a residency requirement for the Town Manager.  The Town Moderator asked that Mr Ciriello work on the wording with the Town Attorney and bring his amendment back tomorrow. DEFERRED

Article 2: School Building Project (addition of 4 classrooms to the school building project currently underway) – An additional $1.5 Million – DEFERRED until 1/31/17

Article 3: Acquisition of Property at 61 Main Street for Downtown Corridor Realignment – PASSED 96 to 22

Article 4: Authority to Negotiate Solar Agreements – PASSED

Meeting ended at 10:15 PM, to continue at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, January 31 at Hopkinton Middle School, when articles that have been deferred with be discussed, starting first with article 2. Keep an eye on the Town Twitter for weather cancellations.

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