Town Hall March 2016

Town Election Candidate Updated List – 7 Contested Races


The ballot for the May 16 Town Election is filling up fast. Many candidates have now turned nomination papers or were nominated at the Democratic Caucus.  Board of Health, Constable and Housing Authority are now all contested races. That makes seven contested races so far. The Republican Caucus will be held on Friday, April 8 at 5:00-7:00pm at Town Hall. More candidates may be announced at that time.

Candidates are welcome to email a candidate statement or a link to their campaign website, which we will be happy to post to our website along with info about all the other candidates. Please send to

Offices on the May 16 Ballot

BOARD OF ASSESSORS, For 3 years, Vote for 1

  • Mary Jo LaFreniere, 18 Walcott Valley Dr, Democrat, Incumbent

BOARD OF HEALTH, For 3 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Philip Cohen, 3 John Matthew Rd, Republican, Incumbent
  • Jen Flanagan, 238 Ash St, Democrat

BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES, For 3 years, Vote for 2

  • Susan Porter, 348 Wood St, Unenrolled, Incumbent
  • Michael McNamara, 7 Baker Ln, Unenrolled, Incumbent

BOARD OF SELECTMEN, For 3 years, Vote for 2 – Contested Race

  • Michael Umina, 24 Chestnut St, Unenrolled
  • Margaret Wiggin, 5 Cross St, Democrat
  • Claire Wright, 28 Hayden Rowe St, Republican
  • Brendan Tedstone, 45A Pleasant St, Unenrolled

CEMETERY COMMISSIONERS, For 3 years, Vote for 1

  • John Palmer, 87 Main St, Unenrolled

COMMISSIONERS OF TRUST FUND, For 3 years, Vote for 1

  • Maureen Bumiller, 16 Birchwood Ln, Democrat, Incumbent

CONSTABLE, For 3 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Michael Umina, 24 Chestnut St, Unenrolled, Incumbent
  • Michael Hayes, 1 Third Rd, Democrat

HOPKINTON HOUSING AUTHORITY, For 5 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Nancy Kelleigh, 40 East Main St, Republican, Incumbent
  • Emily D’Urso, 37 Wood St, Democrat

PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION, For 3 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Kelly Karp, 23 Nicholas Rd, Democrat
  • Eric Sonnett, 60 Teresa Rd, Republican, Incumbent

PLANNING BOARD, For 5 years, Vote for 2

  • David Paul, 7 Meadowland Dr, Unenrolled
  • Clifford Kistner, 86 W Main St, Republican

SCHOOL COMMITTEE, For 3 years, Vote for 1

  • Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh, 25 Priscilla Rd, Unenrolled

TOWN CLERK, For 3 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Connor Degan, 16 Daniel Shays Rd, Unenrolled
  • Deborah Holbrook, 6 Rice St, Republican

TOWN MODERATOR, For 3 years, Vote for 1 – Contested Race

  • Bruce Karlin, 156 Pond St, Democrat, Incumbent
  • Thomas Garabedian, 5 David Joseph Rd, Republican

For more information, contact the Town Clerk’s office at 508.497.9710 or Click to read more on the Town Clerk’s website.