Community Preservation Committee (CPC) – Did You Know?

Community Preservation Committee (CPC) – Did You Know?
Article 31f - CPC - Route 85 Stone Bridge Historic Preservation
Article 31f – CPC – Route 85 Stone Bridge Historic Preservation

In 2001, the citizens of Hopkinton voted to adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and thereby approved a 2% surcharge to the annual real property tax. Revenue from this surcharge is dedicated for the preservation of open space, historic sites, affordable housing and passive/active outdoor recreation. Local revenue is supplemented through a state Community Preservation Trust Fund (state revenue raised through fees charged at Massachusetts Registries of Deeds). The percentage of state disbursements changes from year to year based on the amount in the Community Preservation Trust Fund.

Under the provisions of the CPA, Hopkinton established a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) in 2001. The Community Preservation Committee shall make recommendations to Town Meeting for the acquisition, creation, and preservation of open space; for the acquisition and preservation of historic resources; for the acquisition creation, and preservation of land for recreational use; for the creation, preservation, and support of community housing; and for rehabilitation or restoration of such open space, historic resources, land for recreational use and community housing that is acquired or created using Community Preservation Committee funds. The CPC has nine members including designees from the Planning Board, Open Space Preservation Committee, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, the Housing Authority and four At-Large members appointed by the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen. Visit the committee’s website for a list of recent CPC projects.

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