School Building Project Update

The Elementary School Building  Committee along with the design architect DRA, Inc. and project manager Compass held the first of three Community Workshops on November 22.  There were many Hopkinton citizens in attendance.  After an informative presentation on the project from DRA, those in attendance could attend one of the 3 breakout workshops which included: containers, content and currents.  A special fourth workshop was for the youngest Hopkinton citizens where children could design their vision for the new school building.  

DRA put together a high-level summary of the the ideas and concerns heard from the community at the forum (link to the presentation below).

The most prominent themes include:
– Plan for Growth / Flexibility / Adaptability
– Traffic Issues / School Safety
– Confirm Demographic / Enrollment Numbers
– Center School – Use / Preservation / Re-Use

Learn more about the community forum: