Town Meeting Day 3 Results (unofficial)

All of the remaining nine articles passed at Day 3 of Town Meeting last night and the meeting was adjourned shortly after 9:00pm.

  1. Neighborhood Mixed Use District – Lumber Street PASSED (Yes 137 / No 19)
  2. Sidewalk Easement – East Main Street PASSED
  3. Gift of Land – Hunters Ridge Open Space PASSED
  4. Gift of Land – 294 Hayden Rowe Street PASSED
  5. Acceptance of Easement – Upper Charles Trail PASSED
  6. Acquisition of Property at 25 Ash Street PADDED (Yes 81 / No 41)
  7. Street Acceptances PASSED
  8. Scenic Road Designation – Chamberlain Street PASSED
  9. Commissioner of School Trust Funds PASSED

Town Election is coming up in just 11 days on Monday, May 19.  Click here to read the list of candidates and ballot questions. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.