Town Meeting Day 1 Results (unofficial)


  1. Acceptance of Town Reports PASSED
  2. FY14 Supplement Appropriations – transfer $935,000 from Free Cash for HR, Snow Removal, 300th Anniversary PASSED
  3. FY14 Budget Transfers – transfer $48,314.14 from 300th Anniversary Expenses to a Celebrations Special Fund, and transfer $33,930 from Waste Disposal to Highway Expenses PASSED
  4. Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal Years – NO ACTION (no unpaid bills)
  5. Property Tax Exemption Increase for Veterans and Seniors – PASSED
  6. Amend the Salary of an Elected Official – Town Clerk Salary $67,250.00 PASSED
  7. FY15 Operating Budget – Town and School budgets together – Raise and appropriate $64,422,279.81 Amended to $64,483,923.81 (Total budget including transfers from Community Preservation and various Enterprise Funds is a little over $70M) PASSED
  8. Underride – $1,250,000 PASSED
  9. FY15 Revolving Funds PASSED
  10. Chapter 90 Highway Funds – $662,271 PASSED
  11. Transfer to Capital Expense Stabilization Fund – $50,000 $20,000 PASSED as amended by Dr Duffy
  12. Transfer to General Stabilization Fund – $50,000 PASSED
  13. Other Post Employment Benefits Liability Trust Fund – $350,000 $197,600 PASSED as amended by Dr. Duffy
  14. Pay As You Go Capital Expenses – $789,999 ALL PASSED
    1. Pierce/Sabre Fit-out, Fire Chief $112,149
    2. Replacement of Two Front-Line Cruisers and One Mobile Data Terminal, Police Chief $78,000
    3. Two Building and Grounds Department Trucks, School Committee $90,000
    4. Hopkins School Ceiling Tile Replacement, School Committee $203,000
    5. Upgrade Middle School Auditorium Stage Components
      School Committee $32,000
    6. Upgrade Fire Alarm System – Horns/Strobes, School Committee $25,000
    7. Joint IT Upgrades at the Center and Elmwood Schools, School Committee $100,000
    8. Hayden Rowe Drainage, Department of Public Works $80,000
    9. Keefe Regional Technical School Roof, Keefe Regional Technical School District $69,850
  15. Library Construction $11,753,517 (Includes the provision of temporary quarters and is subject to the receipt of a Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Construction Grant, Remaining cost to town after grant and fundraising is $6.25M). An amendment to reduce the amount failed. The article then PASSED with a clear 2/3 majority.

Town Meeting adjourned shortly after 11:00pm and will reconvene Tuesday, May 6 at 7:00pm in the Middle School Auditorium.