Early Childhood Education: “A Vision for the Future” Forum

Center SchoolSeveral parents and community members joined Dr. MacLeod and the Administrative Leadership Team on November 6th.  Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to meet with Dr. Cathy MacLeod, Superintendent, and Mrs. Lauren Dubeau, Center School Principal, who will share their plans for improving Early Childhood Education opportunities in Hopkinton.  They look forward to meeting you, having the opportunity to listen to your feedback, and to respond to your questions.

Many thanks to the HPTA for helping arrange childcare for this event.  Children will have an opportunity to make an owl mask, learn to draw an owl or color one of the many coloring pages available. High School students will be on hand to help students complete homework.

Date:         November 18th:  Early Childhood Education: “A Vision for the Future”
Location:       Center School Cafeteria
Time:              7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Agenda:          Presentation followed by questions and answers
Childcare:     Will be held from 6:45 – 9:00 in the Center School room Nine (9) (just around the corner from the cafe).

Public Input Requested for new Strategic Plan

HPS Seal

The Hopkinton School Committee is beginning the process of developing a new 5-year Strategic Plan to guide the work of the district. The School Committee is seeking input from across the community to use as the foundation for targeted goals and outcomes. To gather information from the community, Dr. MacLeod will facilitate the following series of Focus Groups with staff, students, administrators, parents, community members, and local business owners. A community wide survey will also be conducted during the month of November.

Important Documents for your Reference:

Focus Group meeting dates are listed below:

  • November 13 at 6:00pm, High School Cafeteria – Business and Community
  • November 14 at 7:30am, Fire Station – Business and Community
  • November 19 at 10:00am, Senior Center – Parents and Community
  • November 19 at 7:00pm**, High School Auditorium – Parents and Community
    **Babysitting Continue reading Public Input Requested for new Strategic Plan

Announcing: Superintendent Public Forums November 6 and 18

HPS Administration

On November 6, the Hopkinton Public Schools Administrative Leadership Team will be hosting a Public Forum. This will be an opportunity to learn about their priorities and how they are collaborating to meet the needs of your children. On November 18, Superintendent Dr. MacLeod and Center School Principal Mrs. Dubeau will share their vision for Early Childhood Education in Hopkinton.

These are two great opportunities to pose questions and to provide feedback to our HPS Administration! Childcare will be available at both forums.

Administrative Leadership Team Public Forum
Location: High School Library
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 6, 7:00-9:00pm
Childcare available in HS Library Seminar Room (adjacent to the library)

Early Childhood Education: “A Vision for the Future”
Location: Center School Cafeteria
Date/Time: Monday, November 18, 7:00-9:00pm
Childcare available in Room 1 (just around the corner from the cafeteria)

High School Principal Update


In a listserv email on Friday, November 1, Dr. Cathy MacLeod let parents know that she has accepted the resignation of Michael Cournoyer as Hopkinton High School Principal. She also announced the permanent appointment of Mr. Evan Bishop as Principal. Secondly she announced the appointment of Mr. Jake Santamaria as Assistant Principal for the remainder of the school year. Read more on HCAM-News. Continue reading High School Principal Update

Open Town Positions

Seal of the Town of Hopkinton 1715

There are several vacancies on town Boards and Committees.

● ADA Oversight Committee (1 seat)
● Appropriation Committee (1 seat)
● Board of Appeals Associate Member (2 seats)
● Capital Improvement Committee (2 seats)
● Community Preservation Committee At-Large (1 seat)
● Cultural Council (Maximum 26 members)
● Design Review Board (1 seat, Planning Board Appointment)
● Historical Commission (1 seat)
● Lake Maspenock Dam Advisory Group Associate as an Upton, Milford or Lake Association Resident (1 seat)
● Metropolitan Area Planning Council Rep. (1 seat, Hopkinton Representation)
● South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) (1 seat, Hopkinton Representation)
● Sustainable Green Committee At-Large (1 seat)
● Sustainable Green Committee Associate (3 seats)
● Upper Charles Trail Committee (1 seat, Civil Engineering Background)
● Upper Charles Trail Committee Alternate Member (2 seats)
● Woodville Historic District Commission (1 seat) Continue reading Open Town Positions

Hopkinton Citizen Survey Results 2013


At the October 1, 2013 Hopkinton Board of Selectmen meeting, the National Citizen Survey™ (NCS) presented the results of the recent survey it conducted on behalf of the town. The presentation explained that it was a valid scientific survey using a random selection of 1,200 households and that the data was statistically weighted to reflect the population. Here is a snapshot of the results.

Thumbs Up from Residents:

  • Overall Quality of Life in Hopkinton
  • Land Use
  • Overall Appearance
  • Public Safety
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Utility Services
  • Town Parks
  • Town Recreation Programs
  • Educational Opportunities
  • As a Place to Raise Children
  • Overall Image of Hopkinton
  • Town Employees
  • Library Programs
  • A move toward single-stream curbside recycling

Thumbs Down from Residents:

  • Ease of Car Travel
  • Ease of Bike Travel
  • Traffic Flow
  • Street Lighting
  • Street Repair
  • Public Parking
  • Overall Quality of Businesses
  • Shopping Opportunities
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Opportunities to Attend Cultural Activities
  • As a Place to Retire
  • Overall Direction that Hopkinton is taking Continue reading Hopkinton Citizen Survey Results 2013

School Enrollment Up 47 More Students than Projected this Year


At the June 20, 2013 School Committee meeting the non-profit New England School Development Council (NESDEC) presented detailed school enrollment projections which predicted a total enrollment of 3,412 in grades Pre-K-12 for the 2013-14 school year. Later at the October 17 School Committee meeting, Superintendent Dr MacLeod presented the actual school enrollment as of October 1. The actual enrollment for this year is currently 3,459 students, or 47 students more than NESDEC’s projection made just four months ago. This makes 2013-14 the second highest total enrollment year, topped only by the 2009-10 school year which had slightly more at 3,462 total students.  Additional students may enroll during the year as the Legacy Farms development gradually comes online.  The largest two grades this year are grade 5 with 305 students and grade 12 with 300 students. More detail is available in the links provided below.

Milford Casino: Impacts on Water Supply and Area Schools


Casino Water Impact Update

In a press release last week, Selectman Brian Herr of the MetroWest Anti-Casino Coalition released an independent study of the water supply and demand related to the proposed Foxwoods Casino in Milford. The results are profoundly damning.  Kleinfelder, a global authority in water engineering, found in its report that the existing water supply from the Milford Water Company (MWC) is marginally adequate to meet the average daily water demand of Milford residents and the proposed casino, and that existing MWC sources are incapable of meeting future demands. The worst part:  the study warns that Foxwoods’ consultants used non-industry standard methodologies to assess water demand. Read the Press Release.

Casino Impact on Schools

Milford Superintendent of Schools Bob Tremblay spoke with a number of superintendents in school systems surrounding the Connecticut  casinos.  Bob concluded the following: “High student turnover, increased free and reduced school lunch eligibility, increased drop-out rates and added demands for specialized instructional services seem to be a common theme in every study that I reviewed,”  Tremblay wrote in his report. Tremblay added another concern, “A school district’s capacity to keep up with population growth is important to the quality of education that students receive. Lack of buildings means overcrowded classrooms and overcrowded classrooms are simply not conducive to quality learning.”[1]

Continue reading Milford Casino: Impacts on Water Supply and Area Schools