New Childcare Transportation Waiver for 2012-13 School Year

New for the 2012-13 School Year, in order for parents to have their children bussed to an alternate bus stop (not their home residence) such as a daycare, the daycare provider must contract with the school and pay a $100 fee per child. (The fee may be passed down to the parents from the daycare.) Parents must also sign a waiver form from the Hopkinton Public Schools releasing them from liability. This form is similar to forms in other districts and similar to what parents regularly sign for field trip permission forms. See links below for more information.

HPS Childcare Transportation Letter 2012-13

HPS Waiver Form – Transportation to an Alternate Location

Sample HPS Field trip Waiver Form

Bus waiver worries some Hopkinton parents
By Michael Morton, Hopkinton Crier

Hopkinton parents say day care bus waiver unfair
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