School Choice Update

At its January 26 public hearing on School Choice, the School Committee voted not to accept students into Hopkinton schools via the Massachusetts School Choice program. Every year they must decide by June 1 if Hopkinton will accept school choice students the following year. We have NOT accepted school choice students for several years, however Hopkinton students may still go out of district to other towns that accept school choice students. This year 13.5 students attend out of Hopkinton via School Choice and 29 students attend public charter schools out of Hopkinton. The number of Hopkinton students opting to go out of district via School Choice and Charter Schools had been slowly but steadily increasing since the 2005-06 school year, but is now down slightly from last year.

Hopkinton School Choice Trends from Mass DOE FY12
Hopkinton Students Attending Charter Schools from Mass DOE FY12