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For the last four years, Educate Hopkinton has operated with a minimal budget of only about $50 a year for our website hosting plan and domain name registration. We have otherwise relied heavily on free resources, such as Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp. Now that we have decided to become a 501(c)4 Non-Profit Civic League, we would like to increase our budget to better fulfill our mission “…to keep people up-to-date on the budget process and the Town’s financial needs.” We have already collected enough money for our IRS filing fee. Some examples of other items we would like to add to our budget include: HCAM Membership ($25/year), Post Office Box ($96/year), Photocopies for our forums ($25/Forum), Officers Insurance, Townwide Mailers, Flyers, Signage and Brochures. If we have leftover money at the end of the year, we may donate it to an organization aligned with our mission, such as the town Tax Relief Fund, a Hopkinton Capital Project or the Hopkinton Schools. Please consider making a donation of $10, $15, $25 or more today. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express online via PayPal. We also accept paper checks via snail mail to: Tara Sanda, Educate Hopkinton Treasurer, 4 Equestrian Dr, Hopkinton MA 01748. (Please note that donations are NOT tax-deductible because EH is a non-profit civic league, not a charity.)

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Enrollment Update – 3rd Grade Now Surpasses Grade 8 as the Largest “Bubble” Year

At its October 6 meeting the School Committee reviewed final enrollment data for the current school year. Grade 3 is now the largest class in Hopkinton with 298 students, surpassing Grade 8, which had been the largest group last year when those students were in Grade 7. Other large classes include Grade 8 at 295 students and Grade 10 at 290 students. Hopkinton’s total enrollment is 3,414 this year, down 40 students from last year, which is likely in part due to a smaller number of full-day Kindergarten classes offered at Center School this year. As reported in a recent Educate Hopkinton blog, Hopkinton’s overall enrollment numbers are projected to remain steady over the next several years. Although there are slight increases and decreases from year-to-year there is no significant downward or upward trend. From 2004-2018 enrollments range from a low of 3,306 to a high of 3,462, just a 4% difference over a 15-year time-frame. Click here for an updated enrollment chart.

Anti-Casino Yard Signs Now Available

Holliston resident, David Bastille, has anti-casino yard signs available for purchase at a cost of $7.39. Please contact David by email at to arrange for sign pick-up and payment. Read more in the Holliston TAB.

The casino bill has passed the Massachusetts Senate and gone to conference committee to reconcile the Senate and House versions of the bill, which each had different amendments. When the bill passes through the conference committee, the governor is expected to sign it. Hopkinton’s Senator Karen Spilka had several amendments, to protect local communities impacted by casinos, included in the Senate version of the bill. Both Hopkinton’s Senator Spilka and Representative Carolyn Dykema ultimately voted no on the casino bill.

Downtown Revitalization and Initiative Project

As you may recall, at the May 2010 Annual Town Meeting and Election, voters appropriated $400,000 for “Downtown Design for Traffic, Roadway and Streetscape” and authorized the town to apply for a state grant to cover the costs of the construction of the project. Click to read past EH blogs on this topic. Since the vote in 2010, Hopkinton’s Downtown Initiative Steering Committee has been working on this project. A Blue Sky planning session was held in March 2011 with residents, property owners as well as town board and committee members. Just this past week two public meetings were held to present the plan to date to the public and gather feedback from the community. If you have questions or comments about the project, please contact Hopkinton’s Facilities Coordinator/Town Engineer, David Daltorio at 508-497-9738 or Here are some helpful links about project:

Legacy Farms and Hockey Rink Update – Public Hearing Nov. 17

The Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, November 17 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall, 2nd Floor, 18 Main Street, to hear all persons interested in the use of the 19 acre parcel of land given by Legacy Farms for community use. Demons Youth Hockey made a proposal to the town in April 2011 to build a hockey rink off East Main Street on the Legacy Farms property if the town would grant a 30-year lease to the Demons for $1. Demons would conduct fundraising to build the arena. Read the proposal at

Many of our subscribers were interested in updates about the Legacy Farms (former Weston Nurseries property) project. The Legacy Farms website includes a lot of detailed information including a list of frequently asked questions. There are also several documents available from the Planning Board as well as documents from Town Meeting 2008. For more info visit:

Educate Hopkinton Fall Survey Results – Final

Thank you to everyone who took our fall budget topics survey! Although our survey is not scientific, it does give the Educate Hopkinton board some direction, and at least a rough idea of what topics are of most interest to our readers.

1) What Hopkinton capital projects are you most interested in this year? (Check all that apply)
Center School Capital Project 41%
Library Expansion Project 24%
Hopkinton Center for the Arts 12%
New DPW Facility 12%
Hockey Rink Building Project 7%
Other: Elmwood School and Special Education Reform

2) What Hopkinton land development projects / issues are you most interested in this year? (Check all that apply)
Milford Casino 32%
Legacy Farms/Former Weston Nurseries Property 28%
Hopkinton Square/Price Chopper 24%
Sports Fields / Active Recreation 8%
Community Preservation Act Funds 5%
Other: Fruit Street

3) What Hopkinton annual budget topics / issues are you most interested in this year? (Check all that apply)
Class Sizes 17%
Elmwood School Maintenance/Repairs 17%
Middle School Maintenance/Repairs 14%
Town Operating Budget – 2 ½% Increase 13%
Expansion of Foreign Language Program 12%
Energy Efficiency Savings / Green Issues 8%
Fees to Residents (Trash, Bus, etc.) 8%
School/Town Union Contract Negotiations 5%
Health Care Costs for Municipal Employees 3%
Other: Center School Maintenance/Repairs, Downtown Revitalization, Special Education Reform

REMINDER: School Planning Meetings Today and Saturday – Please Attend One

Hopkinton Elementary School Planning 
Join the School Committee for an Essential Community Conversation 

The School Committee will be a hosting a conversation with the community regarding planning for our elementary schools. To maximize attendance and participation, three dates will be offered and the format and topics will be the same at each event. Attending one of these meetings will empower residents to participate in developing the next proposal to address the challenges that exist across our school facilities. Please make time to join us at one of these three important events:

  • Wednesday, November 2, 10 am – 12 pm; Faith Community Church, Room 213 
  • Wednesday, November 2, 7 pm – 9 pm; High School Cafeteria 
  • Saturday, November 5, 2 pm – 4 pm; High School Cafeteria 

There will be a short recap of the process to date as well as background information provided. The majority of the meeting will be spent in small group discussion focused on evaluation of potential building projects and solutions.

Data collected from these conversations will be shared with the community, and will also be used in the development a community wide survey regarding our elementary schools. The survey will be designed for all Hopkinton voters to participate in.