Elmwood School Roof Weathers Hurricane Irene Without a Leak

As reported by Al Rogers, Hopkinton Public Schools Director of Buildings & Grounds, at the September 1, 2011 School Committee Meeting, Elmwood School’s roof has had no leaks since the ice dams melted at the end of last winter. Said Rogers, “At the height of the hurricane and in the wind and rain, I was at Elmwood in that section of the building and it was dry.” When asked if it could happen again, Rogers said “That’s not to say that we couldn’t have another ice dam, but in the 12 years I’ve worked here we’ve never had a leak in that section.” Listen to the full conversation on HCAM. http://www.hcam.tv/government-meetings.
According to the 2006 Habeeb Report, the Elmwood School roof was last replaced in 1989, and the report estimated the cost to replace the roof at $731,025. The Elmwood roof replacement was classed by Habeeb as a priority level II. Many other priority I and II repairs, such as the Middle School Brown Gym wall, recommended in the report have already been completed. Read the 2006 Habeeb Capital Assessment report on Hopkins, Elmwood and the Middle School at http://www.hopkinton.k12.ma.us//newweb2/schoolcommittee/building_projects/Buildingprojects/CAPITAL_ASSET_FEB_06.pdf.