Hopkinton Library Construction Grant Approved, But Waitlisted

On July 14, the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) voted to award General Construction Provisional Grants totaling approximately $28 million. The MBLC placed the applicants in three categories: (1) those approved to be funded now; (2) those approved to be funded later, as funds became available through the State’s five year capital plan; and (3) those that were asked to re-submit their applications. The good news is that the Hopkinton Library Building Project was approved, with a grant award of $4,533,580. Hopkinton’s placement in the second group will allow the private fundraising effort to mature and the Town’s capital budget process to accommodate the library project in orderly fashion. Read more: http://www.hopkintonlibrary.org/hopkinton/expansionhome.asp