Town Meeting Results Continued – Articles #13-27

ARTICLE 13: Property Tax Exemptions. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 14: Consultant for Assessment Certificate Program $25,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 15: Pay As You Go Capital Expenses $235,500 for DPW Truck, East Main St Guardrail, 2 Police Cars, Digital Fingerprinting Device, Upgrade Police Dept A/V Equipment, Portable Radios for Fire Dept. (Muncipal Telephone System for $40,000 was removed from article as Out Of Order.) PASSED Clear Majority

ARTICLE 16: Council on Aging Bus $58,000. PASSED Clear 2/3rds Majority

ARTICLE 17: DPW Highway Tractor $110,000. FAILED after a standing count, had a majority but not the required 2/3rds

ARTICLE 18: West Main Street Culvert Repair $150,000. PASSED Clear 2/3rds Majority

ARTICLE 19: West Main Street Culvert and Basin Repair NO ACTION Clear Majority

ARTICLE 20: Lake Maspenock Dam Repairs. NO ACTION Unanimous

ARTICLE 21: Fruit Street Property Access Way. NO ACTION Unanimous

ARTICLE 22: Generator for Fruit Street Well $200,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 23: Water Department Service Truck $59,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 24: Radio Automatic Water Meters $175,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 25: Study and Design for Wood Street Sewer Lift Station $100,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 26: Study of South Street Sewer Lift Station $50,000. PASSED Unanimous

ARTICLE 27: Study of the Town’s Wells. NO ACTION Clear Majority